D & A Experts is a comprehensive compliance consulting and specimen collections firm dedicated to helping companies reduce and manage risk and exposure within their work environments.

D & A Experts provides DOT/Non-DOT Drug-Free Workplace policy, company consulting, training and education, and drug, alcohol and alternative specimen testing On-Site or at a specified location.

All test results are completely confidential. Results can be reported immediately, and lab results are typically available within 24-48 hours.

Risk and liability management begins with a thorough and specific drug-free workplace policy. U.S. Department of Labor studies show that workers who abuse drugs and alcohol are more likely to skip work.

Substance abusers are one-third less productive when they are on the job. Employees using drugs are also more likely to cause workplace accidents or file workers’ compensation claims.

Absenteeism, tardiness, accidents, theft and non-productive time can cost employers approximately $7,000 a year. Can your business afford to pay for this?

Having a Drugfree Workplace is as easy as making a phone call. CALL US AT 1-866-896-0603 AND WE’LL SHOW YOU HOW!