They’re the modern day mafia of our time. The big marijuana industry uses similar tactics to “fix” an otherwise normal democratic process with threats, extortion, lawsuits and bribery. It’s been happening for a while in Colorado as it’s citizens have dealt with the negative effects of legalized marijuana in it’s communities for a couple of years now.  Few media outlets have the guts to report it. Food and drink contaminated with high potency THC and waxes/dabs with THC as high as 100% potency is finding it’s way to children and poses enormous danger. A group of concerned citizens formed it’s own coalition about 18 months ago in it’s effort to create an initiative for the November ballot that would mandate THC levels cap at 16% and require child-resistant packaging as well as warning labels. The Marijuana Policy Project challenged the measure and stalled the effort for a few months until the Colorado Supreme Court found in favor of the coalition. The next thing the coalition needed was hire to the signature firm to collect the required signatures but suddenly they found themselves unable to hire any of the signature collection firms in Colorado.  Why? An Arizona-based collection firm told them they signed a non-compete, as did the other firms licensed in Colorado, in exchange for a large sum of money.  Bribery.  And for those that worked tirelessly by following the democratic process, the Big Marijuana Industry squashed the process!

One newspaper reported the truths behind this and it needs to be shared. Click here to read. The press release from the coalition is attached.

Healthy Colorado Press Release

The Big Marijuana industry is in Arizona now and we can expect more of the same antics in order to protect the millions of dollars with which they line their pockets. Or we can shut this down by voting NO to the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, sponsored by the Marijuana Policy Project.

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