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Legalized pot is making America’s lower class poorer and less responsible

Colorado and Washington were the first to pass those laws in 2012. At least five states have measures on the ballot this fall that would legalize recreational use. And that number is only likely to rise with an all-time high (no pun intended) of 58 percent of Americans (according to […]

New Game App Normalizes Marijuana Industry for Children

PHOENIX (JULY 27) – A new game app called “Hemp Inc.” is now among the many web apps glorifying drug use and sales as entertainment. Hemp Inc. looks like a children’s game and teaches users to maneuver around the law to create their own marijuana empire. “The goal of the […]

Arizona Republic: My Turn: Legal marijuana in Arizona would mean more deaths, crashes

Todd A. Griffith June 5, 2016 Read the original story here   Scientist: Why would Arizona voters approve an initiative that protects drivers stoned on marijuana, even if they cause crashes and deaths? In my profession, I have seen too much death, injury and damage caused by individuals driving under the influence of alcohol and […]