Substance Abuse Consulting

Legalized pot is making America’s lower class poorer and less responsible

Colorado and Washington were the first to pass those laws in 2012. At least five states have measures on the ballot this fall that would legalize recreational use. And that number is only likely to rise with an all-time high (no pun intended) of 58 percent of Americans (according to […]

DATIA 2014 in Phoenix, AZ

D & A Experts was one of over 700 attendees at this year’s 2014 DATIA Annual Conference held at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore. Compliance Specialists at D & A Experts attended and brushed up on continuing education courses such as Advanced Program Management techniques and certified professional collector courses. We […]

Medical Marijuana Workplace Impacts

More than twenty states and the District of Colombia have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. In some of these states, medical marijuana has raised questions and issues for employers regarding job performance, lawful hiring practices, and questions pertaining to drug use and drug test results. Businesses that require pre-employment drug […]

Arizona’s Local Drug Landscape

Learn how to get involved in substance abuse prevention efforts in your community and what drugs are prevalent in our state. Learn more about the people in your neighborhood who can help you help your employees and families stay healthy and make safe decisions. While every community is different, here […]

Opi: Not the cute from Mayberry

So what’s the adult version of trick-or-treating? Prescription meds, oxy’s and hydros for everyone! Doctors are handing them out like candy, and recommending they be taken in some pretty strong dosages. Granted there are lots of different types of prescription drugs floating around but opiates top the list for most […]

D&A Experts : The Drug and Alcohol Policy People

D&A Experts is a substance abuse consulting company based out of Phoenix Arizona but operating nationwide. We offer numerous programs for employers to establish a safe work environment. Starting with solid policy to incorporate specific industry risk assessments and safety sensitive positions with practices and procedures to reduce and eliminate […]