Random Consortium services for DOT mandated Companies

D & A Experts consortium is a program for anyone required to comply with state or federal random drug and alcohol test regulations or any company imposed requirements, economically and efficiently. If you are an independent CDL operator with your own FMCSA authority from DOT, a USCG licensed captain with or without a crew, an FAA licensed pilot or mechanic, a PHMSA company, or any of the other modals that fall under 49 CFR Part 40’s mandatory drug and alcohol program, then this consortium is for you.

Our annual membership fee is $139 and includes:

  • Consortium membership letter
  • Quarterly Random Selection Reports
  • Quarterly Membership Reports (if more than 1 employee in company)
  • Full compliance with the random drug and alcohol test laws
  • Custom Custody and Control Forms
  • Thousands of fixed facility testing sites conveniently located throughout the United States
  • Proof of membership letter
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services Consultation
  • You may drop out at any time for any reason without penalty

Additional Services:

– 5 Panel DOT Drug Screen – $59.00 each – DOT Breath Alcohol Screen – $59.00 each – 2 hour Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training – $65

In order to fully comply with Federal drug and alcohol testing requirements, you must have a pre-employment negative drug screen result on file prior to beginning any safety sensitive work. DOT also requires random testing, post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion testing, return-to-duty, and follow-up testing. D & A Experts are here to help manage all of these requirements so you can focus on your business.

Our team of experts are available to assist you with your questions or if you need assistance prior to a DOT audit. To purchase your consortium membership, click the purchase button below!

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Emergency collection services available, such as post-accident or reasonable suspicion. Fees determined at time of call and must be paid by credit card prior to dispatch.